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“We talk about civilization as though it’s a static state. There are no civilized people yet, it’s a process that’s constantly going on… As long as you have war, police, prisons, crime, you are in the early stages of civilization.”

“Earth is abundant with plentiful resources. Our practice of rationing resources through monetary control is no longer relevant and is counter-productive to our survival.” – Jacque Fresco

You can either have one guy lifting a billion pounds by himself, and it takes many years of planning and preparation – or you can have a billion people, each lifting one pound, and it takes a mere moment. This is the power of unity. ~ Jacque Fresco

You cannot approach people who think differently with reason and logic if they don’t know what that means.  First, you have to appeal to their values to start with.  If you attack them, you lose them.  ~ Jacque Fresco

“Politics was good a hundred years ago. Today, politicians have no ability to solve any problems because they are not students of behavior. They are not students of agriculture, oceanography, they know nothing about the factors that operate the world. So, they say things that people like to hear. And that gets them elected.  Now scientists on the other hand are not concerned with public approval. What they do, even if everybody on earth believe the earth was flat, they would say: ‘You’re wrong, this is the evidence we have to support the fact that the earth is round’ but they don’t say: ‘it’s a little round and a little flat’ – that’s politicians.” ~ Jacque Fresco

“At the beginning of World War II the U.S. had a mere 600 or so first-class fighting aircraft. We rapidly overcame this short supply by turning out more than 90,000 planes a year. The question at the start of World War II was: Do we have enough funds to produce the required implements of war? The answer was No, we did not have enough money, nor did we have enough gold; but we did have more than enough resources. It was the available resources that enabled the US to achieve the high production and efficiency required to win the war. Unfortunately this is only considered in times of war.” ~ Jacque Fresco

“The uncreative mind can spot the wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot the wrong questions” The question has never been: Do we have the money? The question has always been: Do we have the resources? ~ Jacque Fresco

“We are not taught to be thinkers, but reflectors of our culture. Let’s teach our children to be thinkers.” -Jacque Fresco

“If you think we can’t change the world, It just means you’re not one of those that will” – Jacque Fresco

“Democracy is a con game. It’s a word invented to placate people to make them accept a given institution. All institutions sing, ‘We are free.’ The minute you hear ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’, watch out… because in a truly free nation, no one has to tell you you’re free.” – Jacque Fresco

“Conditions of misery, suffering, war, and war profiteering were the incentive and inspiration for my work. I was also motivated by the seeming incompetence of governments, the academic world, and a lack of solutions from scientists. Many fail as generalists because of their over-specialization on limited aspects of social problems. Scientists, politicians, and academicians see problems from inside the system they’re in, which is what’s responsible for the problems in the first place. I am disappointed with those who worry about terra-forming other planets while our own is still full of war, poverty, hunger, and environmental neglect.” ~ Jacque Fresco

The only hope for developing a new civilization is to accept responsibility for improving our lives through knowledge, understanding, and a deeper comprehension of humanity’s relationship to natural processes of evolution. Our future is determined by effort we put forth to achieve this transition.  – Jacque Fresco

During the thousands of years of monetary system, most workers have been paid just enough to make it necessary that they return to work, even when higher wages have been possible. How else can the wage-payer keep the workers coming back? – Jacque Fresco

“Living through the 1929 Great Depression helped shape my social conscience. During this time, I realized the earth was still the same place, manufacturing plants were still intact, and resources were still there, but people didn’t have money to buy the products. I felt the rules of the game we play by were outmoded and damaging. This began a life-long quest resulting in the conclusions and designs presented in The Venus Project.” – Jacque Fresco

“To be human is to care for your fellow human beings and protecting the environment.” – Jacque Fresco

“Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism, Communism, the Free-Market …. What good are these approaches for? These attempts are made by men who are cerebral insufficient. I’m trying to give you back your brain, which they took away from you in schools and in your upbringing. I’m trying to show you how the world works. So if you want a better world, you have to get up off your ass and make it better” -Jacque Fresco-

“What kind of competition is there in your body? Suppose your brain said ‘ I’m the most important organ, and the liver said ‘I am, and I want to go in a free enterprise-system.’  You would rot away in a month, if every organ of your body, were out for itself.”  – Jacque Fresco

“The government means industry, if you know what I mean.” – Jacque Fresco

“Our society cannot be maintained by this type of incompetency.” Jacque Fresco

Take off all the mask, manners, fancy clothes, all the devices you use and be the most honest person you can be with yourself, then whatever love you get then is real. All the false approaches, like trying to be a player, only bring false results… – Jacque Fresco

Whatever happens in the world is real, what one thinks should have happened is projection. We suffer more from our fictitious illusion and expectations of reality.  – Jacque Fresco

“You know that you can’t go out there and change the world tomorrow morning. It just takes time, and the realization of that does not produce frustration. What produces frustration, is when you expect the world to join with your cause it’s so reasonable. It is not reasonable to unreasonable people.” – Jacque Fresco

“And you can’t find “love” because in order to find “love” you have to be capable of dishing it out. In order to be capable of giving “love”, your own life has to be in harmony with everything else, and that’s not attainable…”   – Jacque Fresco

“All people are brought up by cultures and every culture says ‘You live in the greatest country in the world’ ‘I’m American and proud of it’, ‘I’m Canadian. I’m proud of it’ That separates people.  Now, if you were brought up in Ireland, you’d say, ‘The Irish people are fine, there’s a fine Irish lad sitting there’. Well, even your dialect, your facial expressions, you pick up from your country or the area you come from.  If you still don’t understand that, if you were brought up in Australia, you’d say, ‘How are ya, Mate? Yeah Yeah Yeah’. That’s normal in Australia. If a Filipino baby was brought up in Australia, that’s the way it speaks’ – Jacque Fresco

“We’re running into a lot of new problems today because of what we emphasize in this culture. The word ‘success’ to the average person means earning a lot of money and having a home, two cars, children in college. Success to me is entirely different to what success is to the average person.  Success is being a successful human being in terms of pursuing what you believe in. If you believe in making paintings, writing poetry, writing music. If this is what you really want, you’re successful to yourself. But to be successful to your culture means to sell yourself short of what you really want” – Jacque Fresco

“If you want your children to relate to the culture you live in, if you want to train them outside of the general system, you have to tell your children that ordinary children tend to say things like ‘I can run faster than you; I can draw better than you; I know things you don’t know’. You have to tell them what normal children are like. Normal children are messed up and you have to tell them about that. But if you instruct your child in high correlation with the physical world, they won’t be able to relate with normal children. Normal means mixed up as I use the word.” – Jacque Fresco

“We live in a world where our social system is old, our language is old, the way we acquire goods and services is outdated, our cities are detrimental to our health, chaotic and a tremendous waste of resource, and most of all our politics and values no longer serve us.”

– Introduction Lecture,  The Venus Project World Tour 2010

“So, “normal” is really what society dictates as normal and if we’re born in that world, we would see that as normal. But if you think about it for a second, is it really?” – Jacque Fresco

“LOVE is to stop making demands on people and give them room to grow.” – Jacque Fresco

“If you had a free society you couldn’t get people to go to war, if you had an intelligent type of upbringing in ones children. They would say; There must be many other ways of solving problems other then killing people.” – Jacque Fresco

“The only limitations are those which we impose upon ourselves.” – Jacque Fresco

“They take the children and ask them; What is the greatest country in the world? The kid say’s; I haven’t the slightest idea. They say; This country! This is the greatest country in the world! And God is on our side. So you get a bunch of pin heads all over the world, responding to these mechanisms of control.” – Jacque Fresco

“Truly free people do not need to be told they are free.” – Jacque Fresco

“If you took the profit out of war, there would be no war. What the hell do you think war is? You think we go to another country to bring democracy? We go there ’cause there’s oil, resources or something we need.” – Jacque Fresco

To better understand a Resource Based Economy consider this: if all the money in the world suddenly disappeared, but topsoil, factories, and other resources were left intact, we could build anything we chose to build and fulfill any human need. It is not money that people need, but access to the necessities of life without having to appeal to a government bureaucracy or any other agency. In a Resource Based Economy money is irrelevant. What’s required are the resources and manufacturing and distribution of the products.  In a monetary system, purchasing power is not related to the capacity to produce goods and service. For example, in a recession there are computers in store windows and automobiles in car lots; but people do not have the purchasing power to buy them. The rules of the monetary system are obsolete and create needless strife, deprivation, and human suffering.

In today’s culture of profit we do not grow foods based on demand, nor do we practice medicine solely to cure diseases. Industry’s major motivation is profit.  – Jacque Fresco

“Self-centeredness will bring on the destruction of our world. National pride separates people. All people need the same thing. When you really get down to it, you’ll find that all people need good food, clean water, clean air, and a decent environment, meaning education as to how to relate to one another and to avoid conflict, how to accept the differences where different people draw different conclusions.” – Jacque Fresco

“The Venus Project is not about new cities or new architecture. It’s about a way of thinking” – Jacque Fresco

“Everything that you’ve learned: ‘Make a lot of money, have a nice house’. But they never teach you at school how to relate, how to communicate with others, how to share values with others. …They teach you how to make a living. You become an optometrist, he becomes a physicist, she becomes a structural engineer, he’s an architect.  In the future, none of that. Everybody is trained to be a generalist, so they understand different cultures, different values, how we get to be the way we are. So no-one can ever use you for war or killing anybody or hurting anybody” – Jacque Fresco

So your having trouble with your partner. Well ask yourself, if you were in a relationship with a replica of yourself how long would it last? – Jacque Fresco

About transition: I am sorry to tell you this, guys, but it is not going to be easy. – Jacque Fresco

“We owe so much to so many nations. The separation of nations is dangerous, wrong, and the failure of nations to work together. That’s what war is. War is a supreme failure of bridging the difference between nations. T…here’ll be no military in the future. There’ll be people who learn. See, soldiers are killing machines. You teach them to kill and the other nations teaches its soldiers to kill.  What I would do is teach soldiers, send them back to school free of charge to learn to become problem solvers. ‘How do you bridge the difference between Saudi Arabia and this country?’ ‘How do you bridge the difference between Venezuela and this country?’ That’s what’s needed. Science applied to government.  So far, we have opinions from politicians that know nothing about ecology, safety, engineering, increasing the agricultural yield. They’re totally incapable. The children of the future will look back and say, ‘Couldn’t you see that the money system had people paid off? Couldn’t you see what is obvious to you?’ You would say, ‘No, we were brought up that way. We didn’t know the difference’. Kids will not understand that in the future.” – Jacque Fresco

War is the supreme failure of bridging the differences between nations – Jacque Fresco

“If you were raised by the head hunters of the Amazon as a baby, if you saw nothing else, you’d be a head hunter. If you were raised in Nazi Germany where all you see is ‘Heil Hitler’… you’d be a [Nazi]. So I think all people are perfectly well adjusted where they’re coming from. There’s no such thing as good or bad people. You’re taught to hate certain people, but where they’re coming from, it’s normal. If you’re brought up in the South, uneducated region, you might become a member of the Ku Klux Klan, you speak with a Southern accent. Where do you get that from? The environment. Where do you get, ‘I’m gonna get me a nigger and kick his ass’. You get that from the environment.  It’s not that people are good or bad. They’re raised in an aberrated or twisted environment.” ( Jacque Fresco)

“You live in a false society” – Jacque Fresco

“Population control is dependent upon education. We feel, an educated population needs no control.”  – Jacque Fresco

The future does not depend on our present-day beliefs or social customs, but will

continue to evolve a set of values unique to its own time. The very notion of “Utopia” is static. The paths that we choose will ultimately determine whether or not there is intelligent life on earth.  – Jacque Fresco

“The future is our responsibility, but change will not take place until the majority lose confidence in their dictator’s and elected officials’ ability to solve problems. It will likely take an economic catastrophe resulting in enormous human suffering to bring about true social change.” – Jacque Fresco

“Let me tell you how to educate children. We do not order them to do exercise. We have a big lake in the city. We have an island in the middle of the lake. 200 feet up with a craft shop ready to make anything, free. To get there, you have to row a boat, you have to climb a hill. So let’s design it in our environment. So you go to the library, you have to climb a hill, walk through a forest. That’s the way to do it. You don’t order kids to stand like that. If you hate exercise, you poison yourself. You know that? So kids would have the motivation to go to the craft shop. You build it in. That’s how nature works.” – Jacque Fresco

“There was a hurricane in Southern Florida that wiped out hundreds of houses, so I designed a clinical shaped building, like an inverted cone. No hurricane or whirlwind can suck the roof off. On top, I put a turbine so the hurricane whirls around: keeps the refrigerators going and the lights” – Jacque Fresco

“There are no negro problems, or Polish problems, or Jewish problems, or Greek problems, or women’s problems, there are HUMAN PROBLEMS”. – Jacque Fresco

People today speak to win approval, they say things people like to hear, you know…like: ’everything is gonna work out all right’; people love that. You, you don’t speak for approval, speak to inform people and educate them, if you speak for approval, that’s self center, do you know what I mean? – Jacque Fresco

“Learning to be flexible in values takes a very long time…Of course I felt a little uncomfortable during questioning the concept of God, but then reading about the history and evolution of Gods. There were many different Gods: the God of war, the God of peace, the God of love, which was more like the people that invented them. They behaved, they got angry, they made sacrifices, they created floods when they didn’t like the way things are going. This didn’t come through as superior intelligence.”  – Jacque Fresco

“[A Resource-Based Economy] is in the application of the methods of science with human concern and environmental concern.  If we used the scientific method throughout the world, the probability of war drops to zero. The probability of human suffering disappears. Deprivation, poverty, crime – all those things tend to disappear because there’s no basis.  I’m strictly concerned with the environment that people are raised in and if that environment is altered, so will behaviors be altered.” – Jacque Fresco

“We pledge allegiance to the Environment and All the world’s people. World Unification, working towards the common good for ALL human beings, with no-one being subservient to anyone else. Without any kind of social stratification whether it be technical elitism, or any other kind of elitism eradicated from the face of the Earth. The State does nothing in a Resource based economy…because there is NO State! The System we advocate is not perfect, it’s just a lot better…” – Jacque Fresco

“If you make people uniform, you can control them. If you teach people to read, and think, and question things, you lose control. So, the best idea is to separate people if you wish to maintain a monetary system. It’s called divide and conquer. By dividing people, they’re not a threat, you can control them.” – Jacque Fresco

It is also shameful when billions are spent on space projects for terra-forming uninhabited planets to make them habitable while our own planet is neglected, and the land, sea, and air are polluted. – Jacque Fresco (not @ Global)

“If Goodrich buys a tire from me that lasts twenty years against two years, why should they manufacture it? It puts them out of business. If a drug company finds out that celery juice lowers blood pressure and if they tell it to people, they can’t sell their drugs. They get three bucks for a pill. Why should they tell you to use celery juice? The free enterprise, monetary system is corrupt as hell because of the nature of your business. That’s why banks and all other financial institutions are bound to be corrupt. And senators depend on donations to get elected. And companies do the donating. So what can you expect? War is big business. They sell weapons” – Jacque Fresco

“We list everything that needs to be done. Like we don’t know really about high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer. There’s no real cure. They can use radiation and give you another five years of life, pain and all that. All the labs are always asking for money for studying retinal degeneration and labs don’t do what they want to do. They do with whatever the funds they get. So, we’re saying that every lab if we control the earth’s resources will be provided with whatever they need. Now, I’m sure during the transition if someone says ‘Can I have a microscope?’. ‘Do you need two or three?’. They’re always conservative. So we have enough optical materials to make billions of lenses or electron microscopes. They don’t take a lot of money. Somebody told me that these hearing aids sell for [$6,000], but they cost about three dollars to make in materials. So people get money on patents and all that sort of stuff.” – Jacque Fresco

The differences between a priest, a thief, and a banker (although I find very little difference between them) are not found in their genes, but instead reflect their environment. – The Venus Project Lecture 2010

“In a society where every man works for himself, individual incentive, working for one’s self. If people worked for one’s self, there wouldn’t be the electric light, there wouldn’t be engines and powered vehicles, there wouldn’t be electrification and reservoirs and water purification.  These are processes that help all people. And processes that help single people is a very primitive value system carried into this century, which is really not necessary.” – Jacque Fresco

“In our search for more, we have blinded ourselves to our personal responsibility for challenging these absurdities. A resource-based society considers us all equal shareholders of Earth. We are responsible both for the planet and for our relationship with each other.” – Jacque Fresco

“When they say all men are created equal, that bothers me. I told you some are thin, some are heavy, some have better eyesight than others. I don’t know what that means. I think they’re trying to talk about equal opportunity and I know that doesn’t exist. If you don’t have the money to go to college, the word ‘equal opportunities’ mean nothing” – Jacque Fresco

“If you really wish to put an end to war, poverty, hunger, territorial disputes, you must utilize all the world’s resources as the common heritage of all the world’s people. Anything less than that will remain with the same problems that you’ve had continuously for centuries.  Now you have to consider what I’m saying. The reason nations invade other nations is because of scarcity. When a few nations control most of the earth’s resources, you’ve got to have territorial disputes. No matter how many treaties you sign or laws you make. If you don’t declare all the earth’s resources as the common heritage of all the world’s people and bring all the separate nations together in one unified system, there is no solution other than that.  That is why we recommend the Resource Based Economy.” – Jacque Fresco

“Another factor encouraging my positive attitude about problem solving was World War II when the U.S. spent billions of dollars for weapons of mass destruction in the Manhattan Project. Cost was no object and it was one of the largest and best-financed projects undertaken to that date. I realized the same energies that went into the Manhattan Project could be channeled to improve and update our way of life, and to achieve and maintain the optimal symbiotic relationship between nature and humankind. If we are willing to spend that amount of money, resources, and human lives in times of war, we must ask why we don’t commit equal resources to improving the lives of everyone and anticipating humane needs for the future in times of peace.  When scientists were called upon to solve problems of a military nature, the answers were immediately forthcoming. This demonstrated to me the ability of science and technology to solve problems when properly organized and funded, but it is shameful that these methods are not applied to solving social problems on a global scale.

In my work I am not attempting to predict the future. I am only pointing out what is possible with the intelligent application and humane use of science and technology. This does not call for scientists to manage society. What I suggest is applying the methods of science to the social system for the benefit of human kind and the environment.” – Jacque Fresco

“We must get away from this limited *I did this and I did that* and the self-centeredness, that dominates our society Today. It must be a privilege to serve members of society. Not that we want rewards or medals or honor for what we do, because it is just an honor to do it, if you cannot work for that, than you missed the boat. You don’t understand the teachings of the wisest men ever lived.” – Jacque Fresco

We have the technology to build a global paradise on earth, and at the same time we have the power to end life as we know it. I am a futurist. I cannot predict the actual future–only what it can be if we manage the earth and its resources intelligently. – Jacque Fresco

People say that the monetary system produces incentive this may be true in limited areas but it also produces greed, embezzlement, corruption, pollution, jealousy, anger, crime, war, poverty, tremendous scarcity, and unnecessary human suffering. You have to look at the entire picture.  Introduction Lecture – The Venus Project World Tour 2010

“I have no notions of a perfect society, I don’t know what that means. I know we can do much better than what we’ve got, I’m no utopian, I’m not a humanist that would like to see everybody living in warmth and harmony: I know that if we don’t live that way, we’ll kill each other and destroy the Earth.” – Jacque Fresco

“If all things keep changing, how can you become sane? We can become sane-er, but never sane. Sane meaning the most upward behavior to fit a given set of circumstances. . . Wiser, never wise. Smarter, never smart. When somebody asks, “What’s the answer to all of these questions?” that’s absurd. There is no answer, there are answers, along the way.” – Jacque Fresco

“You have to take in the whole picture, and ask, “What is it you want? What kind of world do you want?” So, I have drawings of different cities. Those cities have an end goal; they’re not just cities. The end goal of those cities is to make things relevant to people that they respond to. There’s no other way.” – Jacque Fresco

“Lack of education turns soldiers into killing machines.” – Jacque Fresco

“Notions of Good and Evil depend entirely on social context. It is not that people are good or bad, they are raised in an aberrant or twisted environment.” – Jacque Fresco

“The entire money structure and materialistic society is a false society…” – Jacque Fresco

Money is only important in a society when certain resources for survival must be rationed and the people accept money as an exchange medium for the scarce resources. Money is a social convention, an agreement if you will. It is neither a natural resource nor does it represent one. It is not necessary for survival unless we have been conditioned to accept it as such.

The Venus Project is neither Utopian nor Orwellian, nor does it reflect the dreams of impractical idealists. Instead, it presents attainable goals requiring only the intelligent application of what we already know. The only limitations are those which we impose upon ourselves. – Jacque Fresco

”War is the most inappropriate way of solving the differences. That’s why I’m against the pentagon and the military, because they should be concerned with how to bridge the difference and bring nations together towards a common purpose, namely taking care of the environment one another and restoring the damaged environment. That’s what I’d like to see in military systems. I would like to see instead of training millions of soldiers to be killing machines, I’d rather train them to be problem solvers, send them back to school, teach them social science, social psychology, sociology, so they can add to the culture, not be destructive.” – Jacque Fresco

“We are all victims of culture.” – Jacque Fresco

“War, poverty, corruption, hunger, misery, human suffering will not change in a monetary system. That is, there will be very little significant change. It’s going to take the redesign of our culture and values.” – Jacque Fresco

“They are elected to keep things as they are.” – Jacque Fresco

“All the world’s people should share all the world’s resources.” – Jacque Fresco

“We’re not interested in an established culture, we’re interested in an emerging culture,” “It’s not about creating a utopia, but about creating a culture and economy the best way that we know how at this point.” – Jacque Fresco

“I want to tell you something about infants. They can learn technology right away: electronics, continental drift, agriculture. Kids can learn anything, just as soon as they can learn ‘Jack In The Beanstalk’. ‘On the way, he met a cow, Moo Moo said the cow. Bah Bah said the sheep’. You fill kids’ heads with that shit and you want them to grow up sane?”  – Jacque Fresco

“The majority of the people of the world today are unsane, not insane, unsane meaning having been exposed to methods of evaluation that have long rendered obsolete, our language in the future will change to a saner language where we have no argument in it, ‘can there be such a language?’ there is, when engineers talk to each other, it’s not subject to interpretation, they use math, they use descriptive systems, if I interpreted what another engineer said in the way I think he meant it: you couldn’t build bridges, dams, power transmission lines. The language has to have meaning” – Jacque Fresco

“We must stop constantly fighting for human rights and equal justice in an unjust system, and start building a society where equal rights are an integral part of the design.” – Jacque Fresco

“We have more then enough to take care of everybody on earth at this time. If we have a shortage of anything, it’s very easy for science to make a substitute material. There’s no shortage of anything except brains in Washington.” – Jacque Fresco

You cannot advocate decency and ethics, you must design the conditions that eliminate the problems.  In scarcity, people will tend to steal.  If you make things available, people tend not to steal.  ~ Jacque Fresco, Dec 4 2011

We don’t make decisions in TVP, we arrive at them ~ Jacque Fresco, Dec 4 2011

“This is not a dictatorship, this is based upon scientific evidence to support a given project.  If you want to put up a building, say half a mile high, the material has to be available.  Using statistics is not a dictatorship.  It’s a method of getting the most from existing resources. – Jacque Fresco, Dec 4 2011

You really don’t want a job, what you want is access those things you’d like to have ~ Jacque Fresco, Dec 4 2011

“Working with drug addicts, alcoholics, and so-called juvenile delinquents in New York City convinced me that instead of working with individuals, more effective methods would deal with the societal conditions that create dysfunctional behaviors in the first place.”

“When I was about 13, one of my relatives stuck his hand into a metal fan while it was on. This led me to design a fan with rubber or fabric blades. I submitted the design to some companies, but they showed no interest. Shortly after that, the product came out on the market. This was my introduction to the market place.”

“In our society, we move people out of government. It’s all operated by machines, meaning – not the people, just the products: the farming, the agriculture, the production – it’s all machine-designed and programming. But it does not program or design people. People are free to live whatever lifestyle they want to. If they hurt other people, they’re helped – they’re not put in prisons”

“I asked myself, ‘How are you going to change all these people, they have different values, different customs, different language, different interpretations?’ So that’s the time I joined the Ku Klux Klan in Miami. The reason I joined is to see if I could change them. So I dissolved that organization in a month-and-a-half, alone. [Applause] Then I joined the White Citizen Council. The WCC hates foreigners – all foreigners. So I joined that organization; I dissolved it in one month.”

“If there’s a group like Amish people, that want to live their own lifestyle – they don’t want to live in our city – they want to live out in the country, with their own projects. We’ll put up the buildings for them, design the buildings for them, design the food production systems for them – if they want us to. But we don’t control them.”

“The Venus Project presents a bold, new direction for humanity that entails nothing less than the total redesign of our culture.”

“The Venus Project is a concept that could happen today but it is not up to me, it depends on what others do to help bring it about.”

 “Instruction in academia did not emphasize what I thought of as essential points. I was interested in the broad range of interrelated connections within the physical sciences, but formal studies isolated each branch of science.” I feel that I have advantages greater than Da Vinci’s such as access to more information, materials, and methods.”

 “I feel that I have advantages greater than Da Vinci’s such as access to more information, materials, and methods.”

“I don’t believe in Gods and devils. I think it’s man-made stories to try and help people understand where all this came from. They said ‘Where did the world come from if there’s no God’, ‘Where did life come from’. Just say ‘I don’t know’.  Don’t say some guy made a man and a woman. You have no business doing that, you know what I mean? And then He got mad and flooded the whole world; told Noah to build an arc. These are terrible stories.” – Jacque Fresco (Interview in Bristol, UK, 2010)

“The social designs that are proposed in [The Venus Project] merely provide the opportunity for individuals to develop their fullest potential in whatever endeavor they choose without the fear of loss of individuality or submission to uniformity.”

–Jacque Fresco

“We must learn to outgrow our egos in exchange for constructive dialogue rather than debate.  In addition, we must be capable of stating problems and proposing solutions clearly and succinctly, without distortion of meaning or misunderstanding, even when these solutions are radically opposed to accepted norms.”

“You can teach people specific reasoning, such as how to fly a kite or build a wheel.  General reasoning cannot be imparted upon people, particularly if they like things the way they are – meaning, if their reactions are very simple.  The reason most people behave badly or poorly is because they understand simple things.”

“There’s no way to design a society that’s optimal or utopian.  It’s better than the one that was.  Systems always undergo change.”~ Jacque Fresco, TVP Teamspeak3 seminar,  March 18 2012

“Take off all the mask, manners, fancy clothes, all the devices you use and be the most honest person you can be with yourself.  Then whatever love you get is real.  All the false approaches, like trying to be a player, only bring false results.”

“Political, social, and managerial incompetence has wasted and squandered [our] vast technological potential.  It is utilized to maximize the interests of power elites who heed not the consequences of efficiency withdrawal and their general disregard for social betterment.  The control group has not updated their social, political and ideological establishments to operate in accordance with the principles of an emerging technological age of new possibilities.  If a society is already scientifically oriented and dependent upon technology, as the American people are today, then there is no choice but to continue along such lines, but structured in a saner manner.”

“Once you accept the fact that people have ‘individual choices’ and they’re ‘free’ to make those choices.  Free to make choices means without being influenced and I can’t understand that at all.  All of us are influenced in all our choices by the culture we live in, by our parents, and by the values that dominate.  So, we’re influenced.  So there can’t be free choices.”

“”What’s the best country in the world?”  The true answer?  I haven’t been all over the world and I don’t know enough about different cultures to answer that question.  I don’t know anybody that speaks that way.  They say, “It’s good ol’ USA is the greatest country in the world”.  There’s no survey.  Have you been to India?  No.  Have you been to England?  No.  Have you been to France?  No.  What do you make your assumptions on?  They can’t answer.  They get mad at you. They say, “Well, goddammit, who the hell are you to tell me what to think?””

“Don’t forget – you’re dealing with aberrated people.  They’re not responsible for their answers.  They’re victims of culture.  That means they have been influenced by their culture.”

“War is not the only form of violence imposed on people through inadequate social arrangements.  There is also hunger, poverty and scarcity.  The use of money and the creation of debt fosters economic insecurity, which perpetuates crime, lawlessness and resentment.  Paper proclamations and treaties do not alter the facts of scarcity and insecurity, and nationalism tends only to propagate the separation of nations and the world’s people.”

“I was asked once, “You’re a smart man.  Why aren’t you rich?”  I replied, “You’re a rich man.  Why aren’t you smart?””

“I didn’t want to teach my kid how to read, so I used to read to him at night and close the book at the most interesting part.  He said, “What happened then, daddy?”  I said, “If you learn to read, you can find out.  I’m too tired to read.  I’ll read to you tomorrow.”  So, he had a need to want to learn how to read.  Don’t teach children how to read.  Don’t teach them mathematics.  Give them a reason to want it.  In school, they’re working ass-backwards.”

“Armies are created to protect an established system, not people.  In the future, an educated humanity will not stand for war.”

“If you’re shipwrecked on an island with 10 million dollars and your wife had gold and diamonds and there’s no water, no arable land, no fish, you have nothing. Money is a nothing thing.”

“Now you’ll be surprised how bright children are.  They ask all kinds of questions.  “Daddy, what keeps the moon up there?” – [but] then you go through a bunch of crap and give them Mickey Mouse memberships and fantastic things that have no reality at all.  My kids asked good questions: “What makes the continents drift apart?”  “What makes the earth rotate?”  Kids ask great questions.  Most people can’t answer them, so they bring them up with Little Red Riding Hood and a bunch of crap.  You fill their heads with nonsense.”

“We have more than enough resources in the world.  The only thing we don’t have is brains in Washington.”

“We don’t want to hurt anybody, kill anybody, build any prisons, or build police.  We want to make it unnecessary for people to steal – so they’ll have access to medical care, health care, decent housing, all people, all over the world.  As long as you don’t share your resources, you are going to have trouble”

“The teachings or the information in the Venus project is not what Jacque Fresco dictates.  It’s first doing a survey of the carrying capacity of a given environment and maintaining a population in accordance of the Earth’s resources, not Fresco’s opinion.”- Jacque Fresco, TVP Teamspeak3 seminar, October 30 2011

“There are people that call themselves ‘truth seekers’.  In order to seek the ‘truth’, you have to know everything.  So how can you be a truth seeker if you are brought up in a given culture, with a set of values that you think are appropriate, or that your society tries to tell you is the greatest in the world”

“A neurologist can measure reactions the brain may have.  He can draw a map of feelings, depression.  He can map out the brain, look for toxins in the brain.  But he can’t understand the mind.  He can’t understand that it’s a responding organism.  All you have is an associative system.  You can never become sane.  If there’s a society that claims to achieve the ultimate, there can be no such thing (ultimate means they are all dead).  We don’t adjust.  We are made that way by circumstances.  We either do, or we are locked up.  There are people out there who believe that what they have in their head is the real world.  They end up in institutions.  But what they have is only their unique differences.  If a person says they are not well mentally, say, “What is it that you want?”  “I want a fair relationship with people.” Well, if you went to live in a Seminole Indian village, if you don’t speak their language, you’ll never get along with them.  So, do you want to be a Seminal Indian, or do you want to be YOU, in their village?  You can’t be you in the village. You have to change the village.  It’s almost impossible.  They’ll kill you.”

“So here you have space and the Earth; a beautiful gift we got and we’re lousing it up cause we’re not wise enough to use our technology intelligently.  That’s what The Venus Project is about.  It’s nothing to do with what Fresco wants.  It has to do with what is possible.  First, we do a survey of the Earth to see what exists.  How much arable land, how much factories we have.  And then, after that survey, we maintain a population that’s in accordance with the carrying capacity of the Earth.  If you don’t do that, if your population keeps exploding, you gonna have mass starvation, hunger and territorial disputes unless you maintain the population that’s relevant to the carrying capacity of the Earth.”

“You don’t see the plug connected to the environment, so it looks like we’re free, wandering around.  Take the oxygen away, we all die immediately.  Take plant life away, we die.  And without the sun, all the plants die.  So we are connected.”

“In a monetary system, most of us live near our work with a house, car, and lifestyle we can afford (or, all too often, cannot afford), rather than the one we prefer. We are only as free as our purchasing power permits. Even many wealthy people today select a residence mainly to impress others with their status. Lacking a true sense of self worth, many live to impress others.” ~ Jacque Fresco, The Best that Money Can’t Buy

“There is no such thing as beauty. If your culture says, ‘This is a beautiful girl,’ that’s within the framework of your culture. If you’re brought up in an island where people have pointed heads, that would be ‘beautiful’ in your terms. All these mythological structures is what gets us into trouble; the artificiality of our values that get us into trouble.”

“Perhaps the most significant thing a person can know about himself is to understand his own system of values. Almost every thing we do is a reflection of our own personal value system. What do we mean by values? Our values are what we want out of life. No one is born with a set of values. Except for our basic physiological needs, such as air, water, and food, most of our values are acquired after birth.

If we had grown up in a society where people do not stress material wealth, money would not have played an important part in our value structure. In Samoa food is there for the taking.

Coconuts and fruit grow without cultivation, fish are available in the nearby sea, little or no clothing is needed, and it doesn’t take long to put up a thatched-roof hut from materials that grow on all sides. In such a society people may be less likely to work hard for money. People conditioned in this manner do not act in ways men consider acquisitive, competitive, and thrifty.” (Looking Forward Book, by Jacque Fresco & Kenneth S. Keyes, Jr.)

“It’s your own expectations that hurt you. Not the world you live in. Whatever happens in the world is real. What you think should happen is unreal. So people are hurt by their expectations. You know , you’re not disappointed by the world, you are disappointed by your own projections.”

“It’s hard to be decent in a money world.  We want to shut down all repetitious jobs, automate it, free people. That’s the government of the future. No people, because people fucked up every time they are in government. They all become corrupt, they get paid off, they go to war again, they have depressions. They never put an end to anything”

“If we are genuinely concerned about the environment and the fellow human beings, and want to end territorial disputes, war, crime, poverty, hunger, and the other problems that confront us today, the intelligent use of science and technology are the tools with which to achieve a new direction – one that will serve all people, and not just a select few.”

(The Best That Money Can’t Buy Book, by Jacque Fresco)

“We can work out anything if we put our mind to it, study it, do hard work instead of finding simple answers”

“They say ‘I believe in nature. Nature is harmonious’. Every big fish is eating every smaller fish. Every organ is fighting constantly invading bacteria. Is that what you mean by harmony? There are planets that are exploding out there. Meteorites that hit another and blow up. What’s the purpose of that? What’s the purpose of floods? To drown people? In other words, if you start looking for purpose, you gotta look all over, take in the whole picture. So, man projects his own values into nature”

“Stopping gossip means there are priorities that are much more interesting than gossip. Gossip serves no purpose except some cheap yellow journalism. There’s no need for gossip in the future. There’s no need to find out that somebody else is having an affair with another person and they’re married. That does not concern society. That belongs in a psychiatric journal, not a newspaper.”

“If nations join together now, before the big collapse and share their resources, they can maintain a level of sustainability. Sustain the people that is, and not banks and businesses.”

“As long as superstition and ignorance prevail, humanity will fall short of eradicating war, poverty, and hunger.”

“There are some planets that probably contain life, but I don’t think that the life forms will look like us. They will look very different. The point is we are not educated to accept difference. We are taught about beauty and beauty has nothing to do with anything. If you’re brought up in a culture where everybody had six arms, or a nose that’s a foot long, that would be ‘beautiful’.”

“The more justice you seek, the more hurt you become because there’s no such thing as justice. There is whatever there is out there. That’s it… The point is we have to redesign the environment that produces aberrant behavior. That’s the problem. Not putting a person in jail.  That’s why judges, lawyers, ‘freedom of choice’: such concepts are dangerous because it gives you mis-information that the person is ‘bad’, or that person is a ‘serial killer’. Serial killers are made, just like soldiers become serial killers with a machine gun. They become killing machines, but nobody looks at them as murderers or assassins because that’s ‘natural'”.  So we blame people. We say, ‘Well this guy was a Nazi. He tortured Jews.’ No, he was brought up to torture Jews.”

“Human behavior is subject to the same laws as any other natural phenomenon. Our customs, behaviors, and values are byproducts of our culture. No one is born with greed, prejudice, bigotry, patriotism and hatred; these are all learned behavior patterns. If the environment is unaltered, similar behavior will reoccur.”

“You can’t participate in agriculture or redesign of aircraft for making them safer if you know nothing about it.  So, whenever a person says ‘will I be participating in the new world?’  Only in areas that you can participate it.  Areas that you have competence in. I’m not talking about self confidence, I’m talking about the ability to solve problems.  Electrical, chemical, technical.  I don’t know of any other kind of problem.”  – Jacque Fresco, TVP Teamspeak Seminars, April 15 2012

We’re not sane enough yet to enter space until we learn to live together in peace on Earth. – Jacque Fresco, TVP Teamspeak Seminars, April 15 2012

“It is not enough to criticize society without offering a workable alternative.”

“The difference between a serial killer and a saint is environment. That’s a very hard thing to accept because that raises a lot of questions”

“If you remain conventional and don’t change, you’ll get along. You’ll get along in the limited forms of insanity that exist out there. You’ll never be able to keep a marriage together, you’ll never be able to keep anything together, because the whole goddamn thing isn’t together.”

“We found out that you can’t pass on acquired things like bigotry, prejudice, greed. That’s all learned in your culture or your sub-culture”

“I am afraid to live in the society we live in today. Our society cannot be maintained by this type of incompetency.”

“Creativity is taking known elements and putting them together in unique ways”

“In my experience in the islands, the south pacific, years ago, the natives wore no clothing, and since they wore no clothing it never developed any peeping toms because the children were swimming nude ever since they were very young.  And so no one became a peeping top, there was no basis for it.  When a male talked to a female, they usually stare at their eyes when they talk to them.  There were no girly magazines, no fetishes because no parts of the body were accentuated by covered up..  So you see, what results from that is a totally different pattern of behavior regarding sex.  They used to stroke the whole female, they had touched on from the top of the head all the way but they had no particular areas of the anatomy that was emphasized.  You see, fetishes comes from people that review over and  over again in their heads what they’d like to do, sexually, due to deprivation and if they review that in their heads over many years, they develop all kinds of exotic ideas.” ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP Teamspeak3 seminar, October 2nd 2011

“The way we use technology is completely wasteful.   We duplicate many vacuum cleaners, tools; In the future we will make the best of equipment and make it available to everyone.” ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP Teamspeak3 seminar, October 2nd 2011

“Corcen does not control people.  It merely makes suggestions from a wide range of collected information, and the information it collects is always relevant, has been tested and tried, and it tells you how many ships are available, how many freight trains are available, how many doctors there are, and the best and latest treatment for physical disorders.  It gives you information only, and when it doesn’t have information it tells you that we have to do further studies on that, in order to arrive at a more appropriate decision.  It does not make decisions, it arrives at them. ” ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP Teamspeak3 seminar, October 2nd 2011

Whenever you make a law, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” some jackass thinks that by making a law, you can control human behavior.  Conditions that exist control human behavior, not the laws. ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP Teamspeak3 seminar, October 2nd 2011

The laws do not stop crime, they merely make noise about crime.  They say, “don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you.”  Well that doesn’t do anything.  ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP Teamspeak3 seminar, October 2nd 2011

“Crime is based upon need, making money.  People sell drugs to make money.  But if everybody is cared for, they don’t sell drugs and if there’s no money you can’t sell drugs even if you wanted to.  There’d be no such thing as gambling, prostitution, or selling out, or paying off a senator or a governor.  There are no senators, there are no governors so you can’t pay them off.  If you take away the basis or the condition that generate abhorrent behavior, you don’t have abhorrent behavior.” ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP Teamspeak3 seminar, October 2nd 2011

“We don’t know how to live together on Earth, how the hell are we going to live together on Mars?” ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP Teamspeak3 seminar, October 2nd 2011

“I never said that it [socialism] was not a good transition tool.  It’s not the best.  It’s not updated. Socialism was great when it was designed, but today we have much better systems; much more effective to enhance the lives of people in a much faster way than the old time socialism.  Socialism was concerned with the working class; we’re concerned with knowledge, and we’re concerned with surpassing the need for work.  In other words, we think machines could replace jobs that are monotonous and boring or dangerous.  That people think in terms of work to earn a living.  In the future you don’t need to think in terms of work; You’ll be provided for and you can study anything you want to study at school.  So I would say that most jobs will be phased out.  Most of the early professions will be phased out.”  ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP teamspeak seminar, May 13th 2012

“I approach them [fundamentalist Christian Baptists] with the Bible. It says in the Bible, at least in the ten commandments, “Thou shall not kill.  You shall not judge other people, otherwise you will be judged.”  And I point out all the statements of the ten commandments, and how far we’ve come from it when we get mad at another country, and we bomb the hell out of them and we kill, and we all join that as the churches bless the armies, and they bless the war tanks, particularly the catholic church, sprinkles holy war on the war tanks, and the Catholics in Italy bless the war tanks fighting Americans, and the Catholics in America blesses the war tanks in America.   I’d say that the church seems to conform to social institutions.  If they did not conform, they would be poorly attended.   And the churches that do not conform,  is not advocated as a method of social deliverance.  Show them that it’s almost impossible to live, according to the teachings of Christ, in a monetary system.” ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP teamspeak seminar May 13th 2012

“The word ‘normal’ keeps changing as you become educated and learn new things. If you found out that all criminals were made by society, you wouldn’t put them in jail. You’d correct that area of society that makes criminals. What’s ‘criminal’? Well, in the old days, they said that a criminal was a person that took something out of your possession without your permission. Do you know what the new definition of a criminal is? One who’s caught. Think about that. That’s closer, isn’t it? So, if you do criminal things and you’re never caught, you’re never a criminal.  So, the whole idea of criminal is bullshit because all politicians are criminals. All military people kill. They’re not called murderers. They’re called defenders of the country. So, when we stole the land from the Indians, we were murderers. We killed a lot of Indians. But we weren’t considered murderers because the nation says that’s what you do.” – Jacque Fresco (Stockholm, 2010)

When goods are available w/o a price tag in a non-monetary system, you will not have territorial problems, you will not have abuse of nature, you will not have dumping waste materials in to the oceans when you work for the benefit of all humanity.  It’s only when you have private institutions with selfish gain. ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP teamspeak seminar, December 11, 2011

The scientists in France, in China, in Japan, always fall in line with their culture.  The true scientist falls in line with preserving the earth and all people.  The true scientist would question “why do we have war, why do we have crime, why do we have corruption”, the true scientist would step out of their little disciplines and ask a lot of good questions. The scientists for a sane nuclear policy don’t get that out, we still make atom bombs.  Universities are best equipped today, they have all kinds of equipment, and the bombs and the wars are getting worse.  So there’s something dreadfully wrong with our free enterprise system. ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP teamspeak seminar, December 11, 2011

You cannot outlaw tradition, but you can out grow it. ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP teamspeak seminar, December 11, 2011

“They [Engineers] tell us that nano technology is only 15 years off. With nano tech we can make anything we want to make without having to worry about scarcity.  Nano tech is taking atoms and arranging them in whatever molecule length, or structure, that we have need for.  That would mean that we can produce food without agriculture. We can produce oranges without orange trees.  Nano tech can give us all of the resources that we need. And they say that it is 15 years off.  Let’s say it is 30 years off.. But if we work towards harnessing the methods of science, if you have difficulty with that, American formed the blockade so Germany could not get it’s rubber from Sumatra, but Germans had enough technicians.  I’m not upholding the Germans, by the way.  They had enough technicians to create synthetic rubber. And they made tires for their jeeps, their airplanes.  I think that if science is turned loose, where labs don’t have to try to pick up nickels and dimes for diseases or research in general. We give every lab what ever they need just as we do with the pentagon.  We almost give them everything they need. We’re giving it to the wrong people. The pentagon is comprised of stupid individuals who don’t know how to solve problems. They don’t know how to bring an end to war. They really don’t know how to bridge the difference between nations.  I’d say we need a pentagon in Washington, comprised of sociologists, people who study human behaviors, people who study the history of cultures; those are the people you need in Washington.”~ Jacque Fresco on Radiomatica, August 2010, interviewed by Kevin Kelso ofaxiomatica.org

“Very few people can communicate with one another.  The only language that’s not subject to interpretation is mathematics, chemistry, basic science, engineering principles, and applied agriculture.  But other than that, many systems today are subject to interpretation.” ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP teamspeak seminar, January 15 2012

 “The Venus Project is a translation of all religions: The end of war, the end of poverty, the brotherhood of humanity, and if that isn’t spiritual, like I’ve said before, I don’t know what is.” ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP teamspeak seminar, January 15 2012

“Utopia, if ever established, will die, will stagnate. Whereas what I’m talking about, an evolving culture, or an emergent culture — I have no notions of a perfect society. I don’t know what that means. I know we can do much better than what we’ve got. I’m no Utopian. I’m not a humanist who would like to see everybody living in warmth and harmony. I know that if we don’t live that way, we’ll kill each other and destroy the earth.” – Jacque Fresco, “Future by Design”

“Each system will depend on resources available, not from the bottom up or top down.  In other words, if you put 500 passengers in an airplane that’s designed to carry 100, it won’t get off the ground.  So all decisions are made based upon the physical equipment you’re working with, or the environmental resources available.  They’re not made by Fresco or any other person.  They’re arrived at by studies and research.” ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP seminar, September 4th, 2011

“Whatever I decide will not work.  It’s what people want that will work.  So no one decided whether you become a vegetarian or anything else.  What determines that is the availability of food.  If we run out of vegetation due to floods or natural disasters, people will consume meat and if we run out of meat they will consume vegetables.  I have no control over that.  That would be up to people.” ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP seminar, September 18, 2011

“Once TVP is installed, then there’s no need to monitor people.  That would be considered socially offensive.” ~Jacque Fresco, TVP seminar, September 11 2011

“Every system tries to get people to conform to support that system.  That goes for communism, socialism, free enterprise, or any other civilization.  If they don’t demand loyalty, they can’t keep their civilization together.  So what they do is they teach things that would support an established system.  We do not advocate an established system.  TVP talks of an emergent system into state of change.  So that we always prepare people for the next changes coming ahead.  So that people will not cling to the past.” ~Jacque Fresco, TVP seminar, September 11 2011

“We don’t believe in controlled information.  We believe in presenting multiplicity of points of view so that people can say ‘I don’t know enough about it to conclude.’  They have to study many different points of view in order to arrive at closer approximations of reality” ~Jacque Fresco, TVP seminar, September 11 2011

“Only when science and technology are used with human concern in a world in which all of the earth’s resources are held as the common heritage of all of the earth’s people can we truly say that there is intelligent life on Earth.” ~ Jacque Fresco, Xavier Hawk interview, January 2010

When you hire a group of engineers to design a bridge, they design a bridge they don’t tell you what to do or how to operate your railways.  But if you hire a group of engineers to work on railways, they don’t tell people what to do.   They just design the railways.  ~ Jacque Fresco, Teamspeak seminar, June 12 2011

People that design automated food production and packaging systems do not tell you how to live or what to do.  They stay within that discipline, unless you ask questions about it.  ~ Jacque Fresco, Teamspeak seminar, June 12 2011


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