Jacque Fresco interviewed by Richard Voller

I had a private meeting with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows at the International Centre of Sustainable Excellence in Eindhoven to learn more about the Venus Project and help them promote their Lecture Tour in the Netherlands.  Jacque Fresco is a 94-year-old social engineer, who could easily pass for a 60 year old. Jacque lived through the Great Depression of the 1920’s and was inspired to make sure that it never happened again. So with Roxanne by his side, over the past 35 years he has dedicated his life to the Venus Project. But it was not until 2008, and the creation of the highly successful online documentary directed by Peter Joseph ‘Zeitgeist Addendum’, that things really started to fly.

Now Jacque and Roxanne were on a global mission; holding lectures in key countries throughout the world and spreading the good news. But time was running out. Within me, I heard them calling and asking for my help. I answered.  What struck me most about Jacque and Roxanne was their compassion. They are two passionate, open and loving people. They really care about humanity. They have vital and important information to share with us, to help us reach our full potential. This is it folks!


So what is the Venus Project all about? 

Jacque: “With the Venus Project we bring all nations together and take care of everything on earth, we pledge allegiance to the environment and all the world’s people. The end of separate nations, the end of artificial boundaries that separate people, a sharing of all the world’s resources by all the world’s people. Anything less than that will create the same problems over and over again. We have to maintain a population within the carrying capacity of the earth. We are proposing the intelligent management of the earth’s resources for the benefit of all the world’s people.”


Our children are our future, but they feel that the older generations have made a big mess of things. Why should they trust and listen to a 94 year old man?  

Roxanne: “Jacque is talking sense. Although many people complain about the state of human affairs, no one is suggesting a possible alternative. They try to fix things within the established systems that cause the problems in the first place.”

Jacque: “No new system came in smoothly, man is the dumbest animal. He pollutes the air, rivers, the atmosphere and people. Man has put himself on a pedestal and said we are the highest point of life. That is an ego trip. We are not civilized yet. As long as we have prisons, police, armies and navies, we are not civilized.”

“Until the world starts to live together constructively, then we will be in the beginning of a scientific age. We are not there yet.”

“I am afraid of the direction that man is taking. We have bombs now that are a thousand times greater than the one that was dropped on Hiroshima. How stupid can that be! What can we accomplish with that? A burned out, radioactive planet. You won the war!”

“It is much better to bring nations of the world together, not to kill those who do not agree with you.”

“If I took every soldier, I would educate him to become a problem solver, not a killing machine. Man is stupid, but only because he has not been educated properly!”

This sounds like communism, is it?

Jacque: “Communism has war machines, prisons, money and banks. The Venus Project does not have any of these. There is nothing in common. We are proposing a social system that benefits the people with fair distribution of goods without money, servitude, trade, barter or taxation.”

So what is wrong with society today? 

Jacque: “The system creates corruption, exploitation, separation and scarcity. The public thinks that they are in control, but in a monetary system everything is controlled by the corporations and the power elite. Politics was great 100 years ago, but today it is obsolete. All governments throughout history are corrupt.”

Well many people say that the elite will never give up their power, so things will never change. What do you think? 

Jacque: “All over the world banks and financial institutions have failed, but who bailed them out? We did. We bailed them out with our public funds. So it was not about the elite not giving up their power. It is up to us to make a choice to continue to support this corrupt system and continue being shafted. Or do we take personal responsibility for our future? Do you understand me?”

“If few nations control most of the earth’s resources, then you are going to have territorial disputes, going to have war and all the problems we have always had. That is why people think it is human nature. They think that man is basically greedy. And they think that this is why we have problems. This is rubbish!”

“A gangster, a serial killer, a banker and a priest are made by the environment. It’s the environment that we come from that generates our human behaviour. We are victims of culture, and that is why we have a distorted view. We believe that some are good and others are bad, that some are creative and others less creative. That is BS (Bad Science)! Everyone can be creative!”


But this goes against what we have been taught throughout our lives. 

Jacque: “Yes, it does. All the things that you have been taught, teach you to fit in with this culture. All civilizations are established on the basis that they keep those in power, that where in power, so they still run the show.”

“You think within the context of the way you were brought up. It’s very hard for so called ‘normal people’ to think outside of the box, to step outside of their environment.”

“But in the future, you will be raised in a society that understands human behaviour so you do not have all these variations. Through the direction of the Venus Project you can receive the education to live constructively together. We will move from an Established society (which serves the interests of the  leading, controlling group) to an Emergence Society. With this there is no Utopia and nothing is fixed. In this society there are no great men or women, rather all people are creative and able to achieve their highest


So how do we get to an Emergence Society?  

Jacque: “The Venus Project is proposing a new direction for humankind where the shared resources of the earth are available to everyone without a price tag. We have researched human behaviour and set out plans for how humanity can constructively live together with the intelligent management of earth’s resources to benefit everyone.”

OK, what does this mean if I want to buy a cheese sandwich? There is no money, so how do I buy it? 

Roxanne: “In the future there will be communal eating places where food is freely available for everyone. You can if you wish make your own cheese sandwich at home, but this is not an efficient way to manage your time, because there will be so many exciting options to choose from, that having to cook everyday will probably something one would not want to continue doing.”

Great! So how can everybody help with the transition process? 

Roxanne: “You have to get involved. Visit our website www.thevenusproject.com/ and download free information and films. We also have a web store where you can get other books and videos. If you identify with this direction, join The Zeitgeist Movement www.thezeitgeistmovement.com , which is the activist arm of The Venus Project. Here you will find many chapters throughout the world, various activities to participate in, and meet others of like mind.

To go to a Resource Based economy is a giant step. What happens in between? 

Jacque: “Yes first one must acquire considerable information about the direction of the Venus Project. No new system came in smoothly. But we do have the knowledge to help you get there. There is no doubt the transition will be difficult. With world economic systems on the downturn this is the time to get the information out there. How soon this will happen depends on the effort people put forth to help bring it about.”

“Unfortunately for many people it may take economic and social hardship before people begin to look for other alternatives. Things have to get really bad before people finally realize that things have to change. The system will break down; it is only a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’. So it really is best to be as prepared as you can and know which direction to take – The Venus Project.”

So are things going to get really tough, before they get better? Is this why more people are choosing love over fear? And why spirituality is increasing? 

Roxanne: “The Venus Project is about taking care of our planet and fellow human beings. As you know, politicians are there to perpetuate the established systems and serve those in positions of differential advantage at the cost of many and the environment. They are not there to serve the needs of majority of the people. Many people are searching for spirituality but sadly in today’s world this can only be a verbal hobby. The Venus project is the closest thing to putting the ideals of spirituality into a working reality. I don’t know how much more spiritual one could get than helping to create a world with no war, hunger, poverty, homelessness, and unnecessary human suffering. So Yes, The Venus Project is spiritual.”




So what does love mean to you? 

Jacque: “The concept of Love can often confuse and hurt people. Often people are looking for ‘unconditional love’. But Love is not a fixed thing. For instance do you Love everything you’ve ever done? I’ve never gotten a yes to this question. So sometimes you love yourself, sometimes you don’t. If you lived with a replica of yourself, how long do you think you would be together? This is the same thing when you take on a partner. You don’t love everything about them. Sometimes you love them, sometimes not as much; sometimes you wonder how you ever got in this situation. When we understand this, we can better understand what we may love about others and what we do not identify with. It is when we are looking for a fixed notion and absolutes with the term ‘love’ that we often get confused when we don’t find it. This is an honest evaluation the meaning of Love.


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