What is TVP Activism?

Author: Sue

What is TVP Activism?

TVP Activism is a collection of self-organizing groups (teams) of volunteers around the world, whose aim is to raise local & global awareness about TVP.

However, this definition falls far short of being a complete picture of all that goes on.  The aim of this article is to help people understand more fully what TVP Activism is doing, and how and why they are doing it.  It’s a picture that grows exponentially as we welcome more people onboard.

The current structure of TVP Activism could be called TVP Activism 3.0, and as such has been in existence for approximately 20 months as of this writing.  Building on the 1.0 and 1.2 experiences, we are gradually achieving a more cohesive environment.  It’s not an easy task, taking into account different time zones and different personal commitments of the people in the teams!  Even for teams where all members are in the same time zone, individual work hours and/or family commitments can complicate the coordination of online meetings.  At the international level for example, when hosting a meeting for all of the POCs (Points of Contact), there will always be someone for whom the meeting falls in the middle of their night!  To help overcome this, we always record meetings so that they can be listened to at a later date.  We also preserve all meeting minutes (summary notes) to have a written account of the various updates and news presented within each get-together.

Our ultimate goal is to educate both ourselves and others about the proposals of The Venus Project, while at the same time build strong and stable teams of activists.  This will ensure we have capable people out there informing others correctly, without sharing personal projections or mistaken ideas.  The word “educate” should never be a barrier to people who want to help.  At any time you join any kind of organization, be it a voluntary effort or a professional environment, you will always need a period of adjustment to how things are organized, and The Venus Project has such a vast range of topics to delve into that the learning process never stops!

We are gradually seeing more and more people preparing themselves to give public talks about TVP, organize local screenings of TVP-related documentaries, and prepare various kinds of street activism, while those who collaborate within the Activism teams are focused on helping everyone achieve these goals in as smooth and professional way as possible.

Almost every week we hear news about someone, somewhere around the world, who has organized a TVP-focused event of some kind.  Perhaps someone is working on a translation of TVP material, maybe a team in another city has found a place to hold ‘in person’ meetings, maybe one of the teams has held a public screening – there’s so much going on!  Curiously enough, however, a significantly large amount of people still seem to be ‘out there’ in the arena alone.  Often times, efforts are being duplicated without people even realizing it, precisely because they aren’t in contact with the organized groups where project ideas are shared, and collaboration at the international level is paramount.

In the interest of clarity, allow us to introduce TVP’s definition of the terms “supporter” and “volunteer”.

A supporter is a person who agrees with what The Venus Project proposes, will post relevant information in online platforms and talk to people about this direction, but isn’t actively involved in any of the teams.

A volunteer is a person who, as well as sharing information online, is also a member of at least one of the TVP teams.  This might be within the activist team for their country or state, or perhaps as a member of one or more of the teams or departments such as the TVPMedia team (with Audio, Editorial, Graphics & Video departments), the Linguistic Team (all official transcriptions/translations), Social Networking (Facebook and other social network outreach), TVP Magazine (you’re reading one now!), Human Resources (promotes open needs of TVP and TVP Activism), and others.  All volunteers who work in the various teams/departments collaboratively contribute their time, experience and skills to a variety of projects to help achieve our aims and proposals.

Taking advantage of working directly with the TVP Activism structure is beneficial to everyone involved in the teams.  We have support systems in place for such things as video discussions for “Question and Answer” sessions after screenings, so that a small, unexperienced team can still hold a documentary screening and, with the help of people who do have experience, answer the questions that always arise.  Through inter-team communication, we can keep everyone up to date on the latest TVP news, provide new informative material to be shared on social networks and help new supporters find the team best suited to their talents so that they can collaborate more closely.  We also provide the opportunity for deeper study about TVP and its proposals for a Resource-Based Economy so as to prepare more supporters and volunteers able to raise awareness.

Becoming a part of the international online community offers people more tools to work with, as well as the combined experience and support from all the other volunteers in the various teams.

So, to help everyone out there be ‘on the same page’ and enjoy being part of what is fast becoming a heaving mass of folk around the planet who are wanting to see major changes in the way society is organised, we need to work together on our projects, and….are we not moving towards a collaborative society anyway?

“How can I join TVP Activism?”

The first thing anyone interested in becoming active will probably want to do is to find out if there are others in their country or state who are already involved in TVP Activism.

  • On the TVP website, there is a list of the current POCs who can welcome you on board and help you get to know the others in the team.  The activist teams who are still quite small will give you the chance to help them grow from the beginning.  The more established activist teams can help you benefit from the experience they have already gained.
    Go to http://www.thevenusproject.com >> Get Involved >> Online Community and look for the “Find a Point of Contact” button, just under the main menu.
  • If there is no POC (Point of Contact) for your area yet, then you might like to join the online community and the section corresponding to where you are in the world.  Check to see if anyone has written a post looking for others who are interested in being more active.  If no one has, you might like to be the one who does that.  As your own online community grows, you will probably find it interesting to join the International Discussions group, as you may find someone there that you can connect with on an international level.  Take your time to get to know people and find out where you can help to the best of your abilities.
  • We also have a list of official facebook groups and pages that you can check out to see if there is one for your country.  If you find there isn’t one, please contact TVP Activism at admin@tvpactivism.com.  There are many unofficial groups and pages out there that are not always sharing relevant information about TVP.  If they are not on this list, they are not official.  For this reason, we ask everyone to please not create any new TVP-focused Facebook groups or pages without consulting with TVP Activism first.

Once you find a team you would like to join, it’s important to take the time to find out all that is going on there, the tools that the team uses, who is who and who does what.  In other words, how the team works and organizes itself.  Be patient with this process and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!  Some teams have been around a while and already have projects underway and are very organized.  Some teams are quite new and still finding their footing.

What kinds of activities are the activism teams organizing?

Depending on the size of the team and the abilities of the different members, various kinds of events can be organized.  The most important one we are preparing for now is mass screenings of the new documentary series, “The Choice is Ours”, which will soon be ready for public release.  A documentary screening is perhaps one of the most typical events that teams create. This display of Jacques designs on large boards in the street in Bulgaria is another way of introducing TVP to the general public.




The team in Israel had wonderful success with a real theater screening of Paradise or Oblivion, followed by a Question and Answer session.



Sometimes teams are not able to find such elegant places for their screenings, but this doesn’t lessen the effect a screening can have!


Chat session after the screening.


https://www.facebook.com/TVPSpain/photos/pb.213661145312643.-2207520000.1411374702./604288112916609/?type=3&theater Street activism during a protest march in Madrid.

https://www.facebook.com/TVPSpain/photos/pb.213661145312643.-2207520000.1411374687./724984154180337/?type=3&theater Here, one of our POCs for Spain is presenting a famous TV journalist (Jordi Évole) with a copy of one of Jacque’s books.

Armenia held a screening of Paradise or Oblivion in a high school.


Some teams participate as guests in events planned by other organizations, such as the UK team does in the local annual Veggie fest.  Aiden Fry, one of the POCs for the UK, participated this year with a talk about a Resource-Based Economy.


Sue Everatt (POC Spain) was invited to give a talk in an event created by an Italian organization at the start of the year.  She met up with the members of the Italian team and their POC Federico as well as Saso (POC Slovenia), and spent a couple of wonderful days introducing people in Grosetto, Italy, to The Venus Project.

TVP Chile has physical (in-person) meetups, and also participates in events with other organizations such as EcoFondas Estaciones (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008414795202) .


Our POC in Venezuela, Emilio, isn’t afraid to go it alone, if needs be.  Here he is camping out in a local park to call the attention of the press to speak with them about TVP!

Here is Emilio in a radio studio with some of the other Venezuelan activists.

Here is another of our POCs, Clifton, from Georgia US.  Like many, he traveled to Venus and met Jacque & Roxanne in person.

What else can I do to help The Venus Project?

If you already have skills in a particular area, you can introduce yourself to any of the teams listed below.

TVP Activism Administration: admin@tvpactivism.com

Do you have organizational experience?  Are you a good communicator?  Would you like to participate in one of the local volunteer teams?  Or start a team in your area if one doesn’t yet exist?  Sue, Federico or Sašo will help you out.

TVP Magazine: .

If you’d like to write articles that are relevant to the direction of The Venus Project, we would love to publish them in TVP Magazine.   We will also help you with proofreading, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect.   If you need more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the link on the main website. http://www.tvpmagazine.com/#toContact

Linguistic Team International: linguisticteam@thevenusproject.com

Do you speak more than one language or are you exceptionally strong in English?  Transcribing, proofreading, translating and translation proofreading are all skills that are very much needed in creating and distributing all of the official translation work for TVP.  Write to LTI or introduce yourself in the LTI forum to learn how to join the fun.

TVP Social Media contact: social.media@thevenusproject.com

Is social media networking your area of expertise?  Or perhaps as a hobby you are passionate about?  Do you have experience with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.?  Social media always needs help.

TVPMedia: Do you have a background in media?  If so, we have four teams you can collaborate with.

   Audio Department: audio.tvpmedia@thevenusproject.com

The Audio Department’s focus is on the production and improvement of professional music, narrations and audio effects for use in TVP educational and promotional film & video media.  If you are into music, audio engineering or dubbing, please feel free to contact us.

   Editorial Department: editorial.tvpmedia@thevenusproject.com

Our Editorial Department handles the editing & proofreading of most TVP Activism materials, including TVPMagazine, along with maintaining several activist text-based resources.  As you might imagine, there is a lot here to handle and experienced proofreading volunteers are very much needed to help cover all of it.

   Graphics Department: graphics.tvpmedia@thevenusproject.com

Graphics Dep’t members work alongside other project teams to create compelling and informative images for their projects.  A variety of image-making needs exists here, if you’re so inclined.

   Video Department: video.tvpmedia@thevenusproject.com

The Video department is interested in creating high level education videos, tutorials and other promotional material for The Venus Project.  If you are experienced in any aspect of video production, please contact us!

Human Resources: hr@thevenusproject.com

Do you have an impressive CV in a scientific, engineering or architectural field and would like to get updates on new projects to help in the future?  Then email HR!

Web design: webmaster@thevenusproject.com

Would you like to help in designing new web pages and tools to improve our efficiency.

3D Production Team: andrew.buxton@thevenusproject.com

The teams goal is to produce visual effects aimed at visualizing a Resource-based economy and the many designs of The Venus Project.  We are currently seeking professionals in the games and film industry such as: Modellers, 2D Artists (Texturing), Animators, Riggers, DMP Artists, Compositors, VFX Supervisors, VFX TD’s etc.

Construction Design Team: andrew.buxton@thevenusproject.com

Currently seeking construction design professionals in senior positions to manage pre-construction architectural and engineering design of future cities and total enclosure systems.

CORCEN Simulation team: joab.russo@tvpdesign.com

Designing an interactive simulation monitoring existing data about the world’s resources and projecting this world data into future analytical data sets.

Official Project Proposals – Global admins: admin@thevenusproject.com

Do you have a serious project proposal and are you qualified to work on it through completion?  Send an email with a well-researched presentation, video or proposal for review.

Hopefully, all of this information will help you find the best open door for you to join us and help “pull the cart”, together with the rest of the TVP teams.  Whatever you decide to do, whether you join an activism team or one or more of the other teams, remember that this is a globally collaborative project in which we are very likely looking at a long road ahead of us.  This is not something that can be started today and have it finished tomorrow.  Be aware of this and bring patience and a strong passion to learn.  Together, we will reach our goal sooner than each one of us ever could out on his/her own island.

Welcome on board!


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